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Elgato Stream Deck Streaming Console

With Stream Deck casts you control over your content and konzentrierst you on the most important: your audience.

Unlimited you

With your setup at the highest level you know already in great detail how to great content is produced. But you know the feeling: this is even better. With Stream the deck are your creativity finally no bounds to twitch and YouTube everything. Without losing sight of the most important: your audience.

Take over the control

Gone are the days in which you need to remember all possible and impossible shortcuts test. On 15 LCD buttons belegst you completely according to your needs up to 210 actions. With just one push of a button switch you scenes, star testing media, fits your tone and much more. Visual feedback confirms each command. This type of control was previously reserved for professional studios - now also for you each command for grabbing.

Seamless Setup

Elgato Game Capture, OBS, Twitch, Twitter, TipeeeStream, and much more. Stream Deck integrated your software and services and automatically detects your scenes, media and audio sources, so that you can operate with just one push of a button.

Take the initiative

Automated messages make an easier life. But between the thanks to the dispenser and the greeting to the new subscriber there is still plenty of room for free delivery. Use Stream deck to your content with GIFs, pictures, videos and audio clips on the next level. And where you already there are: set at the same time perfectly fitting overlay and pretty your content with your personal intro and outro. Your possibilities are limitless. Explore and experiment, and give your content a very personal touch.

Do you

Stream Deck for your needs to prove is incredibly easy. Simply drag the desired actions on the keys and you are ready to use. If you want to create folders, drag a simple action key to another - done. You can configure for each key even a private icon.

Take this opportunity

If it gets in your stream high, you usually don't have the time, also a tweet. And yet, the interaction in real time so important, so that your channel continues to grow. With Stream deck you have your social media channels directly under your fingers and with just one push of a button.

Show what you have on it

Gone are the days where you are through a forest on windows rummage around, only to trigger an action. In the man on automated plug-ins had, in order to produce varied content. With Stream Deck do you think the key to a new era for game play content in the hand. Show your audience what it means to have full control at all times.

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